We provide a full range of pregnancy care for women including genetic screening, in office usn, HD LIVE and 4D USN, STD screening, first trimester screening, quad screening, vaccination and marker screening. We also specialize in the care of opioid use disorder in pregnancy.

Our GYN services include all routine aspects of GYN care including pap and sti screening, whole women’s health screening. We realize that the gynecologist is sometime the only physician that a woman sees with any regularity and our annual exams involve a head-to-toe screening process for overall health maximization. We also specialize in vulvar disease and sexual pain disorders.

Minimally invasive surgery is offered at our office and at a variety of hospitals and surgery centers for patient convenience. Dr. Katz is a very proficient DaVinci surgeon and educator as well. In addition, Dr. Katz is a member of the International Society of Cosmetogynecology and offers a full range of vaginoplasty and labiaplasty options including scarless labiaplasty.

woman talking to consultant