Thanks to the wonders of new HD Live 4D ultrasound baby scan technology, you can now take a glimpse into the world of your unborn child. It gives you the chance to see your baby in minute detail and start bonding, even before he or she enters the world.

At your 3D / 4D baby scan, you’ll get the chance to see your baby’s face in the tiniest detail, and you can also look at their delicate hands and feet, watch them sleep peacefully, yawn, hiccup or wriggle around! It gives you the opportunity to meet your baby, and also provides reassurance that they are doing well and are in good health. You can also find out the gender or choose to keep it a surprise.

As part of the 3D/4D scan, you’ll receive a CD with high quality photo images and moving images with all the best moments of your scan to show friends and family. Additionally, a few pictures will be printed to frame at home.

In the event of any noteworthy indicators, these will be reported to us and if necessary you will be referred for a follow-up.


Best part! This service is offered to our regular patients and to the community at large. You do not have to be an existing patient to have this service.

4D Baby Scan

HD Live Baby Scan


Getting the word out about our 4D ultrasound package!

For $100 you get:
+ 20 minute 2D and 4D ultrasound session
+ 2 Glossy color 4D prints
+ 1 picture CD with 10 4D pictures
+ Gender determination
+ Hearing your baby’s heartbeat.
** You do NOT have to be a current patient to take advantage of this service. **

So call and set up an appointment today! Get a clearer picture of your sweet baby while you’re waiting to meet them in person.