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Introducing our New Health and Fitness Plans with Hannah Ewert

Hannah Ewert is a practicing Certified Personal Trainer and American College of Sports Medicine Certified Exercise Physiologist, American Council of Exercise CPT, FMS Specialist, CPR AED Certified and will complete her Bachelor’s Degree of Exercise Science at Eastern Washington University this year. Hannah enjoys working out, downhill skiing, and cooking in her spare time.

From Hannah:
I’m Hannah, a Certified Personal Trainer and fitness coach. Once a completely confused gym goer, I took matters into my own hands; I received an education, honed my skills, tested my theories, and set out to make a difference. Today, I work coaching my lovely clients on how to live a well-balanced, happy, healthy, and fit lifestyle.

● Monthly plans include weekly meetings, measurement tracking, progress photos, and one-on-one support. Each plan tailored to the client’s unique nutritional and physical needs/goals.

● Each program follows the strict and confidential guidelines adhering to American College of Sports Medicine Protocol. Each client will receive thorough, confidential, and effective tools to help create a maintainable and healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and exercise.

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